CEO of the Year



The CEO of the Year for Retail Banking and Insurance aims to identify the CEO in these two sectors whose influence have most contributed to the advancement of the industry standards, knowledge and practice in the past three years.

A special judging panel and previous awardees of these award titles will be nominating 5 candidates to receive this most prestigious title. The panel of jurors together with the organizer WealthAsia, will conduct due diligence by investigating the credentials of these candidates, including and not limited to interviewing the candidate’s members of staff (both junior and senior teams), peers in the industry, and corporate clients.  Information collected will be furnished to the judging panel for final deliberation.

These awards are not open for submissions.


  • Added Value to the Industry: Shows how he or she has transformed the financial sector for the better. Must show past efforts and projects that he or she has led that have directly changed and positively affected the financial services sector in the last three years.
  • Excellent Leadership Skills: Demonstrates his or her leadership skills by leading the team forward despite recent market downturns. Provides a clear vision of where the company is heading by motivating his or her people to action, to communicate persuasively, to strengthen confidence of others, and to change behaviors.
  • Strong Lobbying Power: Illustrates lobbying skills and dedication that have helped influence key decisions.
  • Right Balance: Demonstrates that he or she is able to balance family and his/her career.
  • Embraces CSR: Has made corporate citizenship a high priority in the company and drives policies for the environment, and social and corporate governance.  He or she is fair, and takes strong accountability to protect the interests of all his or her stakeholders including shareholders, employees, customers and vendors.  He or she is also active in non-monetary contributions to NGOs using his or her influence and knowledge.
  • Awards (optional): Showcase or name past awards or commendations.